About BJP IT Cell

Bhartiya Janata Party Information Technology Cell is a sectional entity of Bhartiya Janata Party. The activities of BJP IT Cell in Nagpur are conducted under the guidance of Mr Ketan Mohitkar. Mr Ketan mohitkar is the president of BJP IT Cell. This cell works with full dedication and enthusiasm. This cell tries to circulate the government schemes and projects to the common people through the medium of information technology. This cell tries to deliver the good thoughts and undertakings of the leaders to develop a good nation to the common people.

The Mahasamparka Abhiyan is one of the latest activity conducted by this cell. Through this “Mahasamparka Abhiyan” the members of BJP IT Cell tried to reach the common people and tried to understand their difficulties. Taking into consideration the difficulties of the common people some new gadgets were developed and were also reached to the common people.